Thursday, December 11, 2008

Crazy Thing.

Another day has come and I'm still sleepy. Come to think about it. We stayed over night at my classmates boarding house and I only had two hours of sleep.
Yesterday, we had a busy day. We were having interviews over and over because we were beating the deadline for our articles this morning. Everybody was so busy and eager to finish the interviews so we could already start making our articles. When we finished interviewing our last interviewee, my classmates told me not to go home because we have to stay over night to make our news article. They told me that we will make it at my other classmates boarding house. I was in doubt if I could go with them because I was not prepared. But I decided to go with them for the sake of finishing my article. We planned on how to spend the night and asked them to wait for me because I still have a class.
While we were having our class, our teacher asked me and my other classmate to go to an electrical store to buy something for the computer that we would use. But unfortunately, the store was already closed. We just bought peanuts and eat while we rode back to school. When we were already there, our teacher and my only male classmate went out to my teacher's office to get something useful for our activity last night. But again unfortunately, we waited for nothing. They just came to inform us that we will postpone our activity. But that was okay at least I had slept.
After our class, we hurriedly went to our office for our practice for our out reached program this coming weekend. We really enjoyed practicing because some of my colleagues were playing jokes. We had a great a time. While we were in the middle of our practice, my classmates texted me if where are we because they are already at the freedom park waiting for us. And thank God we finished practicing and hurriedly went out.
We bought food and hurriedly went to my classmates boarding house so that we can already start making our articles. While walking, we were just chatting and laughing. Enjoying every moment of the night. When we reach her boarding house, she quickly cooked rice so that we can already eat. We did eat and started making our articles. We were just laughing and playing jokes with each other. We were so noisy. But it was fun. We set the alarm at 4 am because we will encode our articles.
We were all set and ready to go out but unluckily, the gate outside the boarding house was still closed and locked. Because we were crazy, we climbed over the gate laughing of what we were doing. I was the last one who climbed and to my surprised I had a difficulty climbing it because the gate is already rusty and old. They were laughing at me while helping me. When I almost reached the ground, I jump and it created noise. And in order not to be scolded by the landlady, we ran as fast as we could towards the high way. While running, we were also laughing at what we did. It was really great! We really had fun...
That moment was crazy but memorable. I felt like I was playing hide and sick with my friends. That was really exiting!!! I really enjoyed hanging out with them...

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Self Realization

Well, I'm back. It is good to be back.hehehe. I had not been posting any blog since I can't remember when.hehehe. But I know it has been a while. I had been through a lot of headaches and problems these past few days. I'm thinking about my articles in both my major subject and our student publication. I also had been at home for how many days because we celebrated fiesta in our place and I was busy helping my parents preparing for the two-day fiesta even if we only entertain visitors in just one day. I was so tired...
However, we celebrated our Founder's Week celebration for six days and it was fun even I only showed up for the last two days of the celebration. There were a lot of activities in our school and each of us were tasked to cover different activities. I'm so worried because we were not yet able to finish our article because of circumstances we could not avoid. Aside from that my different major subjects were also requiring to write stories about the Founder's Week. Pressure is really there that we could not avoid.
But above all of my chakas and yawyaws in life, I don't know if it was a blessing in disguise or whatever you may call it that which I was enlightened and I realized something which others did not realized. We were just chatting with my friends and this one friend of mine is an intelligent person or maybe he just know a lot of things. He kept on rendering jokes and just trying to make the group happy.
We were really enjoying our topic and then suddenly, our topic shifted to theology. He was asking the other one of what was her religion and we found out that he was an aethiest. We were not surprised of the revelation because his personality says so. We just wondered and was curious why he was like that. He then explained why and we chatted about the bible and all about RC. In did not not know that he was a protestant before and became an aethiest because of the reason that he was confused of the the bible's inconsistency. Yeah, it was true. I only realized that this morning even if I'm an RC. He explained a lot of information and cited some likages about the bible. Yes, there were, definitely there were. I was really shocked of what I had realized this morning and is still shock. But I'm trying not to think of it because I have my own beliefs. But one thing I will and can really assure that GOD is really existing. I can feel it.
I'm just hoping that whatever may come and happen, may GOD enlightens my mind and guides me as I continue journeying my life.