Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tayong Dalawa

"Hindi ko na hinahangad ang yaman sa mundo. Pagmamahal mo lang ang tanging hinahanap ko. Maaari bang sana'y patawarin mo ako. Pagka't tayong dalawa ay sa isa't isa." These are just few of the lines of the theme song from my favorite teleserye "Tayong Dalawa". Months ago, when this teleserye was just new, I find the song OA but when time passes by, I can already feel not only the song but the contents of it. Every time I hear this song, it reminds me of David Garcia, a navy liutenant who accidentally made love with another woman, Marlyn Dionisio, a poor and humble woman who lives in a squater area. Aside from Marlyn, David was in love with Ingrid, a boastful and mentally ill woman. These three persons were the root of all the happenings of the story.

Time passes and it turned out that Marlyn and Ingrid gave birth at the same time but unfortunately, Ingrid's baby died and Elizabeth, mother of Ingrid, bought a baby (Dave) who was the twin of Marlyn's baby (JR) from Rita, Marlyn's mother, through Manuel in order not to disappoint Ingrid that may worsen her condition.
Recently, Dave and JR are now being tested by the situation where Audrey, the twin's only girl in their hearts and is the reason why they are fighting, does her best to find a way on how to find JR's kidney donor.

I find the story now as interesting as it may seem because it is unique and the twist of the story is good. They play roles of different personalities and characters who are unfortunately victims of the situation.

I just hope that Dave would soften his heart and will donate his kidney to his twin brother JR. Go Bok!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Pasko sa TN

Pagpaxenxahan na ninyo kung napakalate na nitong mga pinopost ko.hehehe. Well, ito nga pala ay tungkol sa naging Christmas Party namin sa publication. We spent two nights and three days sa Le Tuondra. Mayroon kaming dress code and tema sa unang gabi at nagsuot ng all white ang mga lalaki at ito nga yong naging itsura nila.

Ito ang mga mokong sa TN (except sa dalawang teacher sa gitna na nakaupo). Parang naging tao sila nitong mga panahong ito.hehehe.

At ayan nakita nyo na. Sa mga babae naman ay all red dress at watch out dahil hindi all red yong naisuot ko.hehehe.xenxa na dahil yan lang nakayanan at nakita kong isuot.hehe.

Ito naman ang mga chaka sa TN.hehehe. Nakared ang lahat maliban lamang sa akin.hehehe.

Unang gabi pa lang yan. Napakasaya namin nyan at hindi rin naman naiwasang nagkaiyakan na dahil lumabas na ang mga hinanakit sa buhay. Pero ok lang yon. Bumawi naman kami sa sayawan. Nagkaroon nga ng disco at talaga namang kinareer ko.hahaha! Hindi ko pinalipas ang pagkakataon dahil talagang pinagpawisan kami sa pagsasayaw. Ibinuhos ko lahat ng nasa loob ko sa pasasayaaw at sa wakas naman ay nagtagumpay ako.hahaha!

Lumipas ang mga oras at dumating ang ikalawang gabi. Dahil sa napagod kami dahil nagswimming kami sa Dumaguete Spring nang umaga, hating gabi na kami nakakain ng dinner at pagkatapos non ay sayawan ulit at mayroon ng kantahan.hahaha! We were so happy at nakalimutan na naming tumingin sa oras. Natapos kami sa pagkakanta ng 4am na ng umaga. Naks, naman! Ang saya namin non at sana mayroon pang maraming ganon sa TN. "TN Rules!"


Even if the twilight fever is over and even if I'm posting this so late, I just want to share to everyone that I'm a twilighter and I can't wait for the next episode which is new moon to be released. Like others who were once been inspired and felt the wonderful feeling of being loved by a vampire, I was once addicted by it and is willingly be an addict to it.

When I saw this movie, all I wanted to happen is to be loved by a vampire and to feel what Bella feels towards Edward. It's really amazing!


Hey there! It’s been a very long time since I had my last post. There are a lot of changes and experiences I had encountered. There were times that I was very happy and could anymore remember that I have a lot of problems. Well, that’s life. All of us have it. There were also times that I was so down that I wanted to break down. But above all that, I still survived because even though I was almost losing hope, I strived hard to go on with my life and saw the people who love and care for me. It’s been months that I never posted nor visit my account. Yeah, it’s that long. I was planning to create another account just for a change but I said to my self, “what for?” it’s already there and all I have to do is fix it and give life to it instead of having another one. And thanks to my patience! At least I’m happy with my output. My account has already improved.

We’ll where do I start? Ah, yeah, let’s just start remembering the moment when we had our sleepless nights just to beat our deadlines. Yeah, it’s really crazy thinking that we did not think of what our faces would look like walking in the campus early in the morning with our hair that looked like we were raped, eye bags that looked like it’s starting to fall, and oily faces wherein a mosquito might slip on it. Funny as it may look but we knew in ourselves that we had a very exhausting night. Seeing the sun that started to rise reminds us of another exhausting day but behind those days, we tightened a great relationship and that’s friendship.

Friendship is what every person wants and will always wanted. I thought at first that my exhausting course is just all about beating deadlines but I was wrong there’s more about it. It’s something more meaningful and wonderful for student like me and I will always treasure it. We were so busy on those days because it’s the finals week and requirements were over flowing. Despite that, I found a great feeling of being loved and cared of people I only knew in my tertiary years. My fellow “khadz” and my fellow publication group were the people in my college years and the reasons why I laugh everyday. I could not afford to lose these people since they were there during my hurtful and downfall moments. They were there in times I needed somebody to hold on and continue what I’ve started. They thought me of things I never knew before and things I never expected to be important. Even if they have different personalities and some of them are not that close to me but each of them pampered me in there own ways even if they did not know it. Each of them contributed things which made my life reasonable. They are already in my heart and will always be there.