Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"Refilling Station"

I don’t know why I opened my account and why I am writing something here but what amazes me is my friend here, Dora. She is always updating her posts and every time she is posting something, she looks so satisfied. I maybe encourage visiting my blog through Dora.

It’s been a very long time since I had my last post. I can still remember posting something for Arianne, as what is seen on my last post. Remembering my last post, is somewhat like reminiscing my memories in TN. I can only post something in my blog when I’m in that office and right now, I’m still in an office, still in a publication. But in a different one, let’s just say that this office is more real. It’s an actual motion of what the real world of journalism is all about.

I do not know where to start but one of the purposes why I’m writing something in my blog is because I want to share what I have experienced here in the real world. Let’s start with the set up of the office here. Our office is a three-storey building and specifically, I’m in the third floor. When you try to enter the office, you can already see different sets of cubicles where there are people who are busy encoding at their own computers. Aisde from that, others are just roaming around to chat with their co-workers and stuffs.

The facilities of the office are good and accessible; almost all of the cubicles have computers which is the usual setting of an office. The air condition is as cold as ice, televisions are also present and the comfort rooms are there. One of the most memorable areas in the office is the so called “refilling station”. You may imagine a room or something that has a technology that really refills water but it’s true. We are actually refilling our own bottles of water but not that big. It’s actually a 500-ml bottle and the likes.

Let me describe the area, it’s a small corner of the office that has a dispenser and a gallon of mineral water. It’s simple as that. We call it a “refilling station” because we (interns), used to “refill” our bottles to the point that we almost empty it considering that the amount of the water is still almost full.

Well, I guess this is it for now sah.. I have to log out because somebody will use the computer..hehehe.. I hope I can post another tomorrow.. Bye for now..


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