Sunday, November 8, 2009

I was disappointed

It was a total disappointment...

Have you felt that feeling of excitement that you can achieve something? Did you already expect and later on found out that you were just wasting your time? Have you experienced a feeling of total disappointment? Well I guess I just did.

I mentioned in my last post that I'm confident that I could finish my enrollment today but to my disappointment, I did not. It was a relief to me this morning when I got my control number and by just looking at it, I know that the long wait is almost over. I was just blogging this morning so that my time would be consumed with something sensible since it was announced that those who have control numbers from 13,101 up will be this afternoon.

When the clock ticked at about past one, I hurriedly went to the encoding area to wait for my number. We even chatted with one of my co member in the publication but when the assigned personnel announced that they will just encode students who have the control numbers from 13,101 up to 13,900; I could not utter a word. I was speechless because I was expecting that I could finish my enrollment today. It was like I was already washing my hands so that I could already eat but then there was already no food. The feeling is something like that... It was like "oh!"...

I just said to myself, "it's okay... May bukas pa." Oo nga naman, but the fact remains that I expected a lot and in the end there's nothing but a total disappointment... Haay...!